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First Georges Marciano store on Rodeo Dr., Beverly Hills


Georges Marciano, a name synonymous with fashion, visionary and entrepreneurship in the 90s jeans Fashion, rose to prominence as the founder of the iconic denim brand Guess? by Georges Marciano in Los Angeles.
What started as a small denim company in Los Angeles soon grew into a global fashion powerhouse under Marciano's leadership. He was the creative force behind Guess?'s iconic denim designs, which revolutionized the industry and set new standards for style and quality.

One of Marciano's greatest contributions to the fashion world was his innovative approach to denim. He introduced unique washes and finishes, such as stonewashed and acid-washed jeans, which became instant classics and a must-have for fashion enthusiasts. Marciano's designs elevated denim from its humble beginnings as workwear to the realm of high fashion, appealing to a new generation of consumers looking for sophistication and glamour.

In 1985, Guess? received the Coty American Fashion Critics' Award, further cementing its reputation as a leader in fashion. The brand continued to garner acclaim, winning the California Mart's California Gold Award in 1985 and the International Mart Accessory Award in 1986 for its creative accessories line.
Marciano himself was honored as Entrepreneur of the Year by the University of Southern California in 1989, recognizing his exceptional leadership and vision in building Guess? into a global fashion empire.
In 1990, Guess? was awarded the American Apparel Manufacturers Association's Image Award, underscoring its enduring influence on the fashion landscape.

The jeans and items designed by Georges Marciano for Guess? have a timeless appeal that continues to resonate with fashion enthusiasts today. Many of the classic styles introduced during his time with the brand remain popular and are still sought after by collectors and consumers alike at high price on site like Grailed, Etsy and more.
Overall, Georges Marciano's contributions to jeans fashion through Guess? have cemented his status as an icon and legend in the industry. His influence continues to be felt, shaping the way we think about denim and fashion.

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