Georges Marciano, founder of guess, is credited with naming the company and directing the original clothing line. Georges started his career in fashion as a young boy living in Marseilles, France, designing men's silk neckties and selling them door to door. He eventually owned his own retail store in France, formally known as MGA. It was during his year in France that Georges Marciano began venturing into clothing design and manufacturing wich would lead to his international success.


Upon arriving in America, he branched out from retail an began designing a full clothing line in Los Angeles, California and bringing the fashion world a new found love for denim. Georges, who was the company's Chairman/CEO and Designer, recevived many awards in the fashion industry and proved there was such thing as the American Dream. As the company grew, Georges relid on his three brothers to help in manufacturing and marketing and in return, gave them 40% of his company in 1981.


As seen through the eyes of Georges Marciano, the brilliance of guess began a fashion revolution that is still going on today. Winner of some of the most prestigious design awards, Georges catapulted the Guess name into the limelight with the innovation of stone washed denims, styled to the dimensions of his own creative ideals, and followed by a series of designer collections that, each year, set the standard for taste and elegance in the world today.


In August of 1993, Georges sold his 40% share of guess to his brothers. Since then, he has gone to acquire major real estate holdings, and has developed on of the most powerful entertainement buildings in Beverly Hills, California, nick,named the "Power Tower" is home to many of the most prestigious names in the enternaitment industry, including Agents, Directors, Managers, Producers and Investment Bankers.


In1978, Marciano moved to California to enter the American market and Bloomingales, as a favor, took two dozen pairs of his unconventional three-zipper jeans called "Marilyn". They sold in a few hours. It started with the body surrounded by the innovation of stonewashed jeans. Sleek, Sexy. Designed a no other jean in the world, the Guess jean not only wrapped itself around a woman"s body, it defined her individualism. Her sense of intrigue. A fashion revolution began that continues today and Marciano earned the privilege living the American Dream.

Marciano is the epitome of the American Dream. He came to California with only Five Thousand Dollars, a dream and an idea to create a successful company. Marciano created thousand of jobs for California citizens and maintained his integrity along the way. In fact, Marciano insisted on having all of his manufacturing in the United States. More importantly, the manufacturing was to be done in Los Angeles, California which created thousands of jobs and brought economic prosperity to numerous California citizens.


In 2015, Georges Marciano launched made his return to the fashio world with the launching of his new collection of denim jeans and fashionable clothing.

Marciano has been honored and humbled by former city of Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley as having April 12th declared as Marciano Day for his numerous contributions to Police, Sherriff, Fire Department, and the improvement of the City of Los Angeles for creating thousands of jobs and prosperity for the great citizens of California. Marciano has also been honored for his ingenuity and creative work at Guess with the California Designer of the Year Award. Lastly, the Guess Television commercial Children's Wear, the Chicago Apparel Center Fashion Award. Lastly, the Guess Television commercial series received London's International Advertising Award and the Creative Circle Advertisement Award.