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since 1978
Inspired by the past, Introducing the Future

Our Unique Process

The following represent the journey through the commune of craftswomen and craftsmen who contribute and shape Georges Marciano 1978.

It All Starts with a Vision

GM Georges Marciano's vision is clear. Strong heritage Americana in feel, with an 80's sensibility. Our product is designed with form and function in mind. It is made of the highest quality fabrics and trims. Our product is cut, fit and finished in Los Angeles. We partner with only the best and most integral vendors. We take pride in our handcrafted products. We do not compromise at any level. We look forward to sharing our products with the like minded...YOU!


Since 1953, Orta Fabrics has been weaving a denim heritage passed down from generation to generation. We've sampled some of the finest denim around the world and we feel a special connection with Orta. We are very happy to have found them/We love working with them.


Our unique fabrics are of course washed, dyed and finish all in their own respective unique way. Thank you Cali Denim Wash and Almore Dye house for bringing our vision to life.


With an uncompromised attention to detail, DD Best Apparel provides all of the necessary tools to get your denim off the ground. We can rest easy working with DD Best Apparel because they get it done! And done right!


The connection with Tag Time goes way back. Georges has been working with the owner of this company since his early days as a designer. Dream up a label, logo and even hardware (buttons, snaps, rivets ETC!) Anything you can think of, TagTime can make it happen.